The LP Community

The LP Community

The beautiful gated community of La Peninsula, is located on the Isles of Capri, across from Marco Island, on the Southwest Gulf Coast of Florida.  The Isles of Capri and Marco Island together form one of the most beautiful, rare ecosystems in the entire world and are the gateway to the protected Ten Thousand Island National Wildlife Refuge and, further south, Everglades National Park. In a park-like setting and surrounded by this rare ecosystem, La Peninsula is a truly unique condominium community comprised of seven residential buildings, a club house, pools, and tennis courts.
Note: When using your GPS to locate the Isles of Capri and La Peninsula, the search city is Naples, Florida.

The property manager for The Club at La Peninsula, Inc. is:  Resort Management Inc.815 Bald Eagle Drive, Suite 201, Marco Island, FL 34145. Phone: 239-642-5466, Fax: 239-642-9306,

Garbage and Recyclables - Waste Management

Pickup days - Trash (M/Th) Recycles (W)
Bulk Item pickup (furniture, mattress, etc) Notify a 200 Bldg association board member and they will contact Waste Management. The charge is $42.44 for the first item and $12.14 for additional items. Once notified, WM will pick up within 3 business days.
Process for recyclables -
All materials to be recycled should be put into bins with NO plastic bags. Empty your recyclables directly into the bin. No plastic bags of any kind. No garden Hoses. No plastic or Styrofoam packing (i.e. peanuts). No pizza boxes

Recycle these items:

Glass bottles: Clean and dry with lids removed. No need to remove labels
Paper and cardboard: Include newspapers, magazines, ,junk mail, catalogs, cardboard boxes (broken down to 3’x3’).
Plastic bottles: Empty, rinsed with caps left on
Metals/Aluminum/Steel/Tin Cans: Rinsed.
Hazardous and electronic (e-waste): Take to Marco Island Recycling Drop Off (990 Chalmers Drive 239.252.2380) or call to schedule a curbside pickup. Call at least 48 hours prior to our regularly scheduled recycling pick up day.
Batteries, TV monitors, computers, cell phones, printers, cables, amplifiers with speakers, tires, paint, used oil and oil filters.
All other bags-Grocery bags, dry cleaning bags, vegetable bags, bread bags, newspaper bags, any plastic wrap on food items or paper products should be returned to closest Publix, Winn-Dixie, WalMart where they have bins for separate recycling of these materials.

LaPen Homewatch services

Brent and Debbie Clover #243 LaPenisula
Brent 616.291.7192 / Debbie 616.901.7339
Daniel 239.200.8721 Five Star Rated is a Homeowner Referral Guide for Collier Count


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